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The water utility comes with the announcement: Here are the neighborhoods in the capital that will be left without water

The Regional Water Company ‘Prishtina’ reports on some problems that have occurred as a result of damage to drinking water pipes, where as a result these neighborhoods in the capital have been left without water.


“Dear customers of the Madrasa neighborhood, the direction from the Liquid Factory to the villages-Llugar neighborhood onwards, we inform you that, as a result of the explosion of the line OD 160 mm PVC, a line that supplies your areas with water, we are obliged to we cut off supply to that area.

We also inform the residents of Dodona neighborhood, the area below the city park, the streets “Hamëz Jashari”, “Gustav Mayer”, “Tringë Smajli”, “Bajram Kelmendi”, “Mustafa Kruja”, “Afrim Vitija”, “Rrustem Hyseni” etc. remain without water supply from 22:00, as a result of the defect in the area near “Furres se Kacallareve”, it is said in the announcement of the Water Supply on Facebook.

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