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“There are no black Germans and Europeans”, the politician resigns after racist statements – Latest News

May 07, 2021 – 23:46

“If European civilization does not want to be destroyed just to appease the complexes of society, sooner or later it must be said clearly, white supremacy is ok.”

This is not part of the book “Mein Kampf” written by Adolf Hitler, but some of the statements that have cost the political career of the leader of the youth movement of a party that in the next German elections may receive 10% of the vote.

Marvin Neumann had just been elected as the leader of Junge Alternative, the youth movement of the right-wing party Alternative fur Deutschland (AfD), promising in his program to turn the movement into a structure “more professional, aesthetic and sharp in its attitudes”.

But it took two weeks to realize that Neumann’s positions were too extreme even for a party that has been monitored by German state authorities for years for its conservative and somewhat racist approach.

But Neumann went even further and explicitly, with Twitter posts reiterating the theory that German society, at least for the most part, had rejected the tragic end of World War II.

“There are no black Germans and Europeans, Europeans and their descendants can once become Germans, but Africans never. “At best, they will be part of a society and have that citizenship, but they will never have a European identity,” Neumann wrote, among other things.

His positions have forced AfD party leaders to demand his immediate removal from the leadership of the movement, at a time when parties are preparing for the September 26 parliamentary elections, where the AfD appears isolated from the major parties, and primarily from Chancellor Angela Merkel’s CDU, which has announced that an alliance with the right-wing party will never happen, although in recent polls their popularity seems to be growing, especially in the eastern part of the country./ A2news

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