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These parts of Prishtina will have water reductions

Regional Water Company “Prishtina” announces that from today until another announcement some areas will have a reduction of drinking water.

The company says the outage will occur due to “water conservation, drought management, conservation of drinking water quality, equitable water distribution due to the enormous increase in water demand / water misuse”.

RWC “Prishtina” has informed customers about the new schedule of drinking water reductions in some neighborhoods and villages of the area it covers.

Caglavica, Veternik (part towards Rezonanca), NIC neighborhood and Qëndresa neighborhood will be with reduced water supply from 17: 00-22: 00. Qershia neighborhood and the village of Miradi e Epërme, with a reduction from 10:00 to 22:00. Part of Hajvalia, with reduction from 22: 00-07: 00. The villages along the Albanik-Podujevë line and the villages Albanik-Prishtinë with a reduction from 18: 00-06: 00 ”, announced the water supply.

“The high floors of collective buildings, which may encounter difficulties with the supply of drinking water, must make individual solutions in accordance with the rules of the Law on Joint Ownership. Water supply and application of minimum reductions varies from area to area due to the terrain configuration and water consumption “, concludes the announcement of RWC” Prishtina “.

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