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This is when Luana and Krenari will get married

After a successful TV season in ‘Shiko kush luan’, Luana Vjollca seems to be keeping the same pace for her sentimental life.

For several years in a relationship with Krenar Çoçaj, the couple seems to have finally found the language towards marriage.

The moderator has decided to always be hermetic in terms of her private life, although the photos of the couple are circulating on social networks.

The couple has often been rumored to be separated as a result of distance and jealousy, as we must say that Krenari continues to live in Pristina, while Luana in Tirana, but apparently this time things have decided to be official.

If last year, the 29-year-old enjoyed the status of single at her birthday party, this year it is thought that I will end my single life.

The ceremony is thought to take place in September after a season full of projects and shows, thus coinciding with the month of Luana’s birthday.

It is not yet known if the ceremony will be on the same day.

Vipa manager Krenar Çoçaj and moderator Luana Vjollca will say ‘yes’ to each other in September, leaving behind any allusion to their relationship.

Until September, we can only wait if the couple would choose to share moments from this important day with the fans.

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