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Konjufca recalls 116 killed in Studies: Citizens angry over lack of justice – Latest News

Konjufca recalls 116 killed in Studies: Citizens angry over lack of justice

Today marks 22 years since the massacre in the village of Studime in Vushtrri / Vuritrn, where 116 martyrs, including children, women and the elderly, were killed by Serbian military forces. Family members know the perpetrators of this massacre by name and are seeking justice for their loved ones.

To honor these martyrs in Studime today came the President of the Assembly of Kosovo, Galuk Konjufca, where he said that justice has been lacking for 22 years to the citizens of the village Studime, and those throughout Kosovo.

“Here in Studime to honor the young martyrs 22 years ago who were killed by the military, police and paramilitary forces of the state of Serbia. The Study Massacre is an act of genocide committed by Serbia against the Albanian people of Kosovo, 116 Albanians were killed by Serbian forces sparing neither children, nor women, nor the elderly, which shows that the clear goal was the extermination of the people Kosovo Albanians, most of them expelled from Kosovo, a large part of them being killed and massacred to cause terror to the people of Kosovo, to finally Serbize Kosovo, to be ethnically cleansed përveç we except we have the grief that we have lost “Our dearest, a large part of the people of Kosovo is also angry because there has been no justice for these 22 years for this genocide that has been experienced by the people of Studime, Vushtrri and all the Albanian people of Kosovo”, said ai.

The Mayor of Vushtrri, Xhafer Tahiri said that the surviving family members are ready to testify, as they know the criminals of the Studime Massacre by name. / espress

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