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The next urban “massacre” in Prishtina, the revolted citizen alarms about the cutting of pines by the municipality of Shpend Ahmeti

The Municipality of Prishtina has foreseen that the green field at the Technical Faculty will be allocated space for the construction of the German Embassy in Prishtina.

However, this proposal is being opposed by a citizen of Prishtina.

He asked the municipal councilors to vote against item 3 of the agenda in the meeting of May 7, where this proposal is expected to be approved.

The revolted citizen has shown that the neighborhood ‘Mati1’, a part of the neighborhood ‘Bregu i Dielli’, that of ‘Ulpiana’ was used by family members as a recreational point.

Below we bring you the full post:

Assembly Advisors, Municipality of Prishtina
Agim Kuleta, Netja Bejta, Jeta Rafuna, Egzon Azemi, Arbër Vokrri Besnik Mujeci Leonora Shabani Bajraktari Leutrim Retkoceri Sami Boroci Blerand Stavileci Valbona Pula Petrovci
Mimoza F Sylejmani Nazlie Bala
Please vote AGAINST, in item no. 3, of the agenda in the next meeting on May 7, 2021!
If the pine park behind the UCCK Pediatric Clinic is the land that will be proposed for use to the German Embassy, ​​please vote AGAINST!
I am writing to you, I am a resident of Mati neighborhood, “Muharrem Fejza” street, in Prishtina!
Prishtina, expanding without a plan and with wild constructions, is almost completely concreted. Many new neighborhoods, such as the one I live in, have a severe shortage of green space.
We, the neighborhood “Mati 1 (hospital neighborhood)”, a part of the neighborhood “Sunshine Coast” and the neighborhood “Ulpiana”, as a recreational space, as a family park use the green field under the technical faculty! This field is located near the “Ministry of Trade and Industry”, so in front of the space that the executive of our Municipality has allocated for the construction of the new building for the Embassy of Germany!
Ladies and gentlemen, the space dedicated to the construction of the embassy building in question, is planted with pines and there are many of them! They are grown and are extremely important to the air and the environment around them. Since I mentioned above the importance of greenery in Prishtina, its absence, cutting these pines would further degrade this issue!
As you may know, that space is adjacent to the city hospital, ie completely adjacent to the pediatric ward! Think how much the presence of those pines affects the healing of children!
Finally, the Mayor and his “vassals”:
Give up this space, in the name of the environment, in the name of health, children and the elderly and in the name of European values!
Sincerely and confidently in your reflection,
Dren Shahini
Resident of the neighborhood “Mati 1”, Prishtina
[email protected]

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