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Three people injured in a car accident on the “Arben Xhaferi” highway – Latest News

Three people were injured in a self-accident on the highway

A self-accident happened tonight on the “Arben Xhaferi” highway, exactly on the Babush-Lipjan road segment.

Police have confirmed that from this traffic accident three people have sought medical help.

The case was confirmed by police spokesman Daut Hoxha.

“I would like to inform you that tonight around 20:40 on the Arben Xhaferi highway” Babush – Lipjan “a car with local license plates lost control and overturned. Three injured people have sought medical help. The unit for management and control of the highway is dealing with the case “, said Hoxha.

Meanwhile, the police has asked all traffic participants, especially drivers, to be extra careful and to adjust the speed of movement to the road conditions and atmospheric conditions, in order to avoid such cases of endangering lives in traffic.

“Police are continuing to take strict measures against all those who violate the rules arising from the law on road traffic”, he said / Zeri

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