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Occasions of June 14th

Agenda of activities for the Liberation Day of the municipality of Rahovec:

-Reception of citizens by the mayor Smajl Latifi in the Municipality. (Time 08:00)

-Homage and honors near the headstones, cemeteries of heroes and martyrs of the nation in Rahovec, Drenoc, Ratkoc and Krusha e Madhe. (Time 09:00)

– A solemn session is held in the Municipal Assembly. (Time 11:00)

– The statues of the martyrs of the nation Bedrush Gashi and Feim Gashi are unveiled. (Drenoc, time 14:00)

Continuation of the plenary session of the Assembly. (Assembly of Kosovo, time 10:00)

Agenda of the visit of Ambassador Tomas Szunyog in Janjevo together with the Ambassador of Croatia in Kosovo, Danijela Barisic:

Meeting with representatives of local communities, coffee bar “Bash Qarshi”. (10:45)

-The visit of cultural heritage starts from the Mosque of Sultan Murat Bey. (11:45)

-Pronouncing for the media – Primary school “Shtjefën Gjeçovi”. (12:45)

The signing ceremony of the contracts with the beneficiaries from the Program for balanced regional development (ARDP 2021) and the Program for economic recovery (PRE M15) is held. (New government building, ground floor, Large Amphitheater, 10: 00-11: 00)

Agenda of activities for the Liberation Day of the municipality of Gjakova:

-Homage at the Lapidary “Friends of Freedom”, time 10:00

-Homage in the square “Agron Rama”, time 10:15

-Homage at the martyrs’ cemetery, 10:30

-Homage at the Martyrs’ Cemetery in Me, 10:45

-Homage at the cemetery of martyrs in Çabrat, at 11:00

-Distribution of medals for the families of martyrs of the Municipality of Gjakova. (Restaurant “La Villa” Shkugëz, Gjakova, time 15:00)

-Music program for children. (Large city park, time 17:00)

-The mosaic display “Asphalt boys”, created by Alkent Pozhegu. (Sports Palace “Shani Nushi”, Gjakova, time 18:00)

-Collective exhibition Art Gallery Palace of Culture “Asim Vokshi”, time 19:00)

Festive concert. (Large city park, time 20:00)

A memorial academy is held for the KLA martyrs of the Municipality of Lipjan. (Cultural Center “Tahir Sinani”, Lipjan, time 11:00)

The documentary dedicated to the martyr Vezir Kolshi is shown. (Cultural Center “Tahir Sinani”, Lipjan, time 11:30)

The meeting of the Presidency of the Assembly is held. (Assembly of Kosovo, room C 301, time 13:00)

The exhibition of the artist Picasso opens. (Adem Jashari Square), Lipjan. (11: 00-13: 00)

A press conference is held where the official opening of the Training Camp by Real Madrid will take place. (Zero Positive Publicis near Hotel “International Prishtina”, street “Behar Begolli”, time 13:30)

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