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Tomorrow changeable weather, Friday thunderstorms and rain

The heat that has started to penetrate today over our region, will prevail on Thursday, which will be accompanied by strong winds during the day, in places with gusts even over 20m / s or 70km / h.

On Friday, a change in the synoptic situation is expected, where from the morning hours conditions are expected for the development of rainstorms, which in some places can be quite intense, and the possibility of hail is not excluded.

From the weekend it is forecasted to have more stable weather, mainly sunny, on Saturday not so hot, and from Sunday again with very hot weather.

The air quality index remains mainly around acceptable values, on Thursday occasionally there may be an increase in the concentration of particles of matter, which pushes the index to pass even in average values, or in short even in weak ones.

And from Friday the air quality will be at acceptable and good values.

The UV index will be at high values ​​and at the weekend at very high, and in these cases it is preferable to avoid the longest stay in the sun from 10 am to 4 pm.

5.08 – Morning with clearings.

During the day the clouds will increase, and a strong wind from the southwest will blow.

Late afternoon opportunity for some thunderstorms around the mountainous areas.

6.08 – Not so warm.

Variable Vransira.

Opportunities for the development of rainstorms are expected from the morning hours.
7.08 – Mostly sunny and not so hot.

8.08 – Very hot and mostly sunny.

9.08 – Mostly sunny and very hot.

Afternoon around the mountainous areas opportunity for some short-term rain.

Minimum temperatures on weekends go down to 14C, and maximums on Friday go down to 27C, and from Sunday increase to 34C, and on Monday to 36C.

On Thursday, a strong southwest wind will blow 7-16m / s, and in some places with gusts even over 20m / s. From Friday it changes direction and blows northeast wind 4-11m / s.

Atmospheric pressure with a tendency to fall below normal values ​​the next day, and from the weekend gradually increasing around normal values.

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