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Totaj: Haskuka has done whatever he touched with his hand – The latest news

Totaj: Haskuka did whatever he could with his handPhoto: illustration

The candidate for mayor of Prizren from the ranks of PDK, Shaqir Totaj, has accused the current mayor of this municipality, Mytaher Haskukaj, of mismanagement and misgovernance.

Totaj, in T7, considered that during Haskukaj.’S mandate, there was financial and cultural degradation. Speaking about corruption, the deputy chairman of PDK mentioned the award of the tender to the company with 1000 euros of capital, just entered the market.

“The national elections have been a euphoria. For local elections in Prizren, we will vote for the change, they see the change in the PDK branch. Mayor Haskuka has not brought about a change he promised with so much pomp. “Haskuka can find little or nothing that has hurt him”, he declared.

“What it has touched with its hand has done badly. Every attempt to implement whatever it has done has been bad. We have had for 3 years almost 20 million budget deficit, degradation of cultural life, we have had serious problems with corruption. he deserved them in no way “, Totaj further said.

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