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Triumphant return to the “nest” that produced Olympic champions: Driton Kuka, Nora Gjakova and Distria Krasniqi speak – Latest News

Triumphant return to the

August 04, 2021 – 23:55

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Calling it a judo school is a bit of a no-brainer, as they not only learned the sport but then dominated the world through it. In fact, what we have to say about the world-class master, Driton Kuka and his triumphant students, is a little, very little compared to what they have given to sport and not just sport.

From this small gym and from almost a neighborhood of Peja, the man who removed the term “Participation is important” from the dictionary, produced three Olympic champions who not only raised their name and that of our state to the highest levels of world sports, but writes them in golden letters in the history of the Olympic Games, the largest sporting event on the planet.

Speaking about the microphone of RTV 21, Driton Kuka shows what the historic triumph in Tokyo 2020 means to him.

“The perception of this result will take time. I started enjoying the Rio Gold Medal after 5-6 months, at first it looks abstract. “Now I know what awaits me because we need time to understand what we have done”, declared Driton Kuka.

The Tokyo Olympics was the first for Nora Gjakova, the golden girl we have seen for years in the arms of Majlinda Kelmendi. This time, it was her turn to return with an Olympic gold medal. The triumph in the final was so incredible for her that for a moment she did not realize that it was the gold of her category.

“For me, this is a summary of the work I have done all these years. I am very happy that all of this can finally reward them in the best way possible. I never thought that this day would come, but despite this I worked hard and here I was rewarded with medals “, said Nora Gjakova.

He did not participate in the Rio 2016 Olympics because he was in the same category as Majlinda Kelmendi. She lost 10% of her weight to change category and at the same time took top form and flew to Tokyo as the world number 1 for her category. Distria Krasniqi is very happy that he did such a thing.

“It was a very exciting moment. Throughout the day I tried not to think about the fact that I am in the Olympics, to have less stress. “After the final, I burst into tears because I realized my dream and then I hugged the most deserving man, Driton Kukën”, Distria Krasniqi emphasized.

All three unanimously appreciate and thank Majlinda Kelmendi for her extraordinary contribution, saying that the success of this Olympics will never come without the work of what is called the queen of Kosovar sports.

After the 2020 Olympics, there will be a break for Nora and Distri for a few days, but not for Driton, who is learning, as usual, working and producing new champions, who one day we hope to see at the top of world judo, as well as Majlinda, Nora and Distrina.

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