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Tuz leader reacts to Montenegrin PM after Kosovo independence declaration – Latest News

The head of Tuz reacts to the Prime Minister of Montenegro after the declaration of independence of Kosovo

The mayor of Tuz, Nik Gjeloshaj, reacted to the Prime Minister of Montenegro, Zdravko Krivokapic, for his statement that the recognition of Kosovo was wrong.

In the message of the Prime Minister of Montenegro Zdravko Krivokapija that he will not recognize Kosovo, the President of the Municipality of Tuzi Nik Gjeloshaj said that we are witnesses that the Prime Minister changes his views from time to time and that it is disgusting to comment on any of his decisions .

“We are witnesses that the prime minister changes his attitudes and views from time to time. “It is disgusting to comment on anything he says”, said Gjeloshaj, writes cdm.me, Gazeta Express reports

However, he adds, Montenegro is a member of the NATO alliance and with such primitivism at the helm, I think it is not a good message for partners or anyone.

The Prime Minister of Montenegro, who is known as a pro-Serb, said today that the recognition of Kosovo should be withdrawn but that he will not take this decision as his government would fall.

“If I were prime minister, I would not know Kosovo, but everything was over before my arrival,” he said, among other things.

“Serbia is a country with which we are connected by history and tradition. The DPS-led government did not have that view of Serbia, as evidenced by the number of reciprocal visits by Serbian and Montenegrin officials. “The citizens of our countries want cooperation and we as a responsible government must listen to what people are telling us,” Krivokapic said.

Otherwise, Montenegro recognized Kosovo’s independence on October 9, 2008, a few months after Kosovo declared independence.

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