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Pacolli shows when a tax of 10 euros can be imposed for entering Pristina

The Deputy Mayor of Prishtina, Selim Pacolli, has returned the topic of the tax that will be imposed at the entrance of Prishtina.

Pacolli said that the idea belonged to the entity that governs Prishtina, but that he does not see it as a sustainable solution.

“In my political concept, the tax is not a solution, but it was the idea of ​​the political entity that governs today with the Municipality of Prishtina, and it is foreseen that at every entrance of the city there will be a garage or auto parking, where vehicles would be parked which “There are many who enter the center and from there to organize public transport”, he said.

Pacolli said that with the ticket that would be paid, the parking lot would be used for the (urban) bus everywhere in Prishtina.

But according to him, this takes a lot of time and analysis and for this, in the current mandate can not be realized.

“My concept has been to build over 20 thousand parking spaces inside the capital. This would offer solutions to the residents of the capital and those who visit the city. “A large part of the congestion is created due to the drivers who move around to find parking”, said among others Pacolli,

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