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Two Albanian children go missing, suspected of being abducted by their father in Germany – Latest News

Two Albanian children disappear, suspected of being abducted by their father in Germany

Two Albanian children emigrating to Germany have been missing for seven months.

They lived with their mother in Germany and it is suspected that they were abducted there.

The minors are currently wanted by the Spanish authorities in Tenerife. The disappearance was reported by the children’s mother who said that the children were taken from their father and it is not known where they are.

Two Albanian children have been missing for 7 months. The children had immigrant parents in Germany, where they were abducted. The mother made the denunciation on January 17 this year for the abduction of her children by the father in Germany, and while the investigations have been extended to Spain, this is because there are suspicions that they are hiding on the island of Tenerife.

It is about the two children KT and AT, respectively aged 11 and 10 years. German police, meanwhile, have contacted Spanish authorities seeking their co-operation, as one of the open tracks of their investigation indicates that the father of two may have traveled to Tenerife with the children and is trying to hide on the island.

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