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US authorities “have no explanation” for UFOs – Latest News

US authorities

June 26, 2021 – 10:12

A U.S. intelligence report on unidentified flying objects (UFOs) that has been under surveillance by U.S. military personnel has shown that U.S. authorities have no explanation for most of the footage, so more studies have been called for.

The report, released by Congress on June 25 and drafted by the Pentagon, confirmed that military pilots had analyzed, and in some cases even recorded, more than 140 cases of high-speed equipment, the origin of which could not be ascertained. identified.

The unclassified report by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, said that researchers have managed to comment on only one of 144 such facilities in the period 2004-2021, most of which were seen during military training activities.

Eighteen of the images appear to have shown an airplane making unusual movements or flight characteristics such as, the ability to be held still in winds, high altitude and extreme speeds, without distinct propulsion, it is said. in the report.

In some of the images, objects are commented on as man-made or natural atmospheric phenomena.

Other devices could be US secret defense tests or advanced technology created by Russia or China, the report said.

The report does not mention the possibility that some objects represent extraterrestrial life, but neither does it rule out such a thing.

The order for the compilation of the report was given after the publication of some video materials of the military pilots, in which some flying objects with strange movements are seen.

Congress then asked intelligence agencies to analyze these objects pose a threat from foreign enemies.

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