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US helps Kosovo with $ 3.8 million – Latest News

The US is helping Kosovo with $ 3.8 million

The President of Kosovo, Vjosa Osmani, today signed amendment 2 of the Grant Agreement for Development Objectives with the United States of America, with which Kosovo benefits an additional $ 3.8 million.

This agreement was originally signed in November 2020, with which Kosovo has received $ 33 million from USAID.

“In May of this year, amendment 1 of the agreement was signed, which provides the Republic of Kosovo with an additional financial means in the amount of 1.6 million US dollars. Whereas today, with amendment 2 of this agreement, the Republic of Kosovo benefits an additional 3.8 million dollars, increasing the total value of the agreement to 38.4 million dollars “, announced the Presidency.

This agreement aims at better service to citizens by accountable and effective governance institutions, as well as increasing opportunities for inclusive democratic and economic participation.

“The first development objective of the agreement focuses on the oversight of institutions by citizens and civil society, while the second adopts a broader approach to democratic participation. It aims to improve and cooperate between citizens, civil society, businesses and the public sector so that local communities have a more favorable position to address Kosovo’s development challenges. President Osmani thanked for the support the new USAID Director in Kosovo, Mrs. Zeinah Salahi and at the same time congratulated him on the task. Ms. Osmani emphasized the importance of USAID’s engagement in the Republic of Kosovo in the development of society, as well as the strong support of the United States to the Republic of Kosovo “, it is said in the announcement. / Voice

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