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Mother, you taught me everything, but you did not tell me how to protect myself from a man

Korov actor Çun Lajçi reacted to the death of 18-year-old MO, from Ferizaj, who was buried yesterday.

The actor has written some verses about her death, which you can read below.

His reaction:

Mother, should I be silent

(Marigonë O)

You were born without a backpack and you kissed me

I am told something about life and shame

I have that knife but not my hand when I fell

you did not protect me from dh.unë and for dh.unë

You are a woman, I said, young bride, be patient

the word nd.rydhe as pain in the heart

My father told me what an honor my mother was and what a shame

but they did not tell what love is

I gave up the ghost in front of a half-man

who did not know what a woman is


You taught me everything

but how to protect myself from an unmarried man

you never scolded me.

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