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Vaccinated couple from Pristina who remained locked up for 1 year and two months due to coronavirus

Sali and Nazmije Gërguri from Prishtina, who just received the AstraZeneca vaccine, said that they have been almost locked up at home for a year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In a statement, the couple said they are happy to have been vaccinated, as it has been 1 year and two months, they are almost totally closed.

“The process is going very well, the way of organization is at a high level. “Only 5 minutes have passed since I took it, so far it is good”, says Sali Gërguri.

While, his wife, Nazmije Gërguri says that she is happy that she was vaccinated.

“Very happy, ishalla is going well najher. No no problems, a little trembling until we arrived,” she says.

During this time, when they were closed, they only went out for an hour or two a day to walk in Germi.

“We were afraid that for 1 year and 2 months we were almost completely closed, we did not go out, only that we went out to recreation in Gërmi, an hour or two, and we spent the day until the next day locked up at home” , says Sali Gërguri.

Recall that the vaccination of the elderly began yesterday.

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