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Vitia: “Delta” has increased twenty times the number of infected – Latest News

Vitia: Photo: Laura Hasani

According to analyzes conducted in Germany, Kosovo is dominated by the “Delta” variant of the coronovirus.

The Minister of Health, Arben Vitia, has said that due to the “Delta” variant, the number of infected has increased twenty times for a short time, reports Zeri.info.

Vitia said today that the result of the analysis dated 16 August from the “Robert Coch” institute in Germany sent to the NIPH for the samples taken showed that in Kosovo dominates the “Delta” variant and its rapid distribution made that within a very in short the number of infected increases twentyfold.

Minister Vitia at the meeting of the Committee for Coordination and Assessment of the Situation with the COVID-19 Pandemic informed about the current situation in hospitals and the progress of the vaccination process.

“We are aware that only the vaccine stops the recurrence of a new wave, even after this wave. “Until the vaccination of citizens to the extent of the formation of a collective immunity, we, despite the economic challenges we may have, the public health of citizens should and will be the main priority,” said Minister Vitia. /voice

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