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Vojvoda: We have been able to leave my soul on the field, we must always believe – Latest News

Vojvoda: We have been able to leave my soul on the field, we must always believe

March 31, 2021 – 23:40

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The representative of Kosovo lost the second match in a row in Group B of the qualification cycle for the World Cup “Qatar 2022”, writes “Zeri.info”.

“Dardanët” were defeated 3: 1 by the Spanish National Team at the “La Cartuja” stadium in Seville.

The defender of the Kosovo Representative, Mërgim Vojvoda, after the match spoke about the position of the central defender and the objective of Kosovo.

“I believe it was easier for us against Spain with 5 backs. We had the opportunity to make more passes. We’ve seen in games before that with four defenders I could go ahead of us on the right. Today has come easier for me. “It was the best way to defend against Spain,” he said.

“Good. I want to be in the position of right defender. But even in these lineups I am satisfied. I can go higher and have someone protect your back. Tonight was harder because it was Spain. “I like this formation more”, said the right defender of Torino.

“The same objective. In these tournaments only victory is needed. It has been difficult in such games. We have to finish best. We are waiting for them at home. We have to do our best. “Then we go to Sweden and so on game after game,” he said.

“We must always believe. Today we have shown the way we have been able to leave the soul on the field. They have not accepted us as a state. “As long as we are alive, we will have 100 percent commitment despite the quality”, he added.

Otherwise, this was the last match of the Kosovo Representative for March. /Zeri.info

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