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Vokrri: The export trend from Kosovo to the USA is growing – Latest News

Vokrri: The export trend from Kosovo to the USA is growing

Visar Vokrri from Riinvest Institute says that other markets should be explored besides those of the region where Kosovo exports more.

He said that recently there is a growing trend for exports to the US, which he thinks should continue to grow.

“Years have been exported 24-25 million euros worth in the US, while in January and February of this year were exported about 13 million. “We have an enormous increase.”

Vokrri in the show “Seven days with Beet” of Klan Kosova said that the private sector was forced to start work from scratch after the end of the war. But, for the state of this sector, Vokrri also blames the governments.

“Kosovo’s economy has undergone a complete deindustrialization during the 90s. Even the last war has destroyed even the little economy or private sector that has remained until then. “The private sector started from scratch after the war, but I can say that the lack of a development vision from all post-war governments has greatly contributed to the negative trade balance.”

He also spoke about Kosovo’s barriers to export to countries in the region.

“Since joining CEFTA, Kosovo has systematically faced various trade barriers from all countries without exception. We know very well that Serbia and Bosnia do not recognize Kosovo and these two countries are the most problematic in terms of exports. But Kosovo producers have also faced trade barriers in Albania, Montenegro and northern Macedonia. “All countries have applied barriers, whether of a political nature or various non-tariff or technical barriers.”

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