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Vuiqiiq: If I know Kosovo, I will win the Nobel Prize – Latest News

 Vucic: If I know Kosovo, I will win the Nobel Prize

Serbian President Aleksandar Vuic has conducted an interview for the Serbian television “Happy”, Zeri.info reports.

There he spoke on many topics, including the former Yugoslav president, the Balkan Butcher, Slobodan Milosevic.

According to him, Milosevic was neither stupid nor reckless, but said that he made some mistakes, including the wars in the former Yugoslavia.

Meanwhile, he also spoke about Kosovo.

He said that if he recognizes Kosovo, he will win the Nobel Prize.

“If I knew Kosovo, I would win the Nobel Prize,” said Vuëiqi, but added that there are many prizes.

Further, the Serbian president said that the US and Germany want to protect their interests in Kosovo, adding that these parties want to remove Russia and China from the Balkans, but that they want to be present in our region.

Vuëiqi said that he does not want such a thing but wants good relations with everyone. / Voice

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