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Watch: Thrilling CG Animated Sci-Fi Short ‘Irradiation’ from Serbia

Watch: Exciting CG-animated sci-fi short film ‘Irradiation’ from Serbia

by Alex Billington
August 20, 2021
Source: YouTube

“Unfortunately I don’t have time for explanations. But we need you to approach the anomaly. ”What exactly is this anomaly? And what does it want with us? This exciting science fiction short film called Irradiation is worth seeing. Entirely by a Serbian filmmaker named Sava Zivkovic, this was created with the Unreal engine and has a hyper-realistic appearance. While escorted to a mysteriously contaminated site, a scientist experiences strange visions and a unique anomaly. Based on motion capture performances for each of the characters along with voices from Oleg Fedorov and Andrey Matveev. The eerie atmosphere is reminiscent of the “Chernobyl” show and leads us to a strange, inexplicable anomaly in the forest. At just under 10 minutes this is a fascinating film and I like how mysterious it is and all the other images. I would watch more stories about these strange rocks, there is something about them that fascinates me.

Thanks to Short of the Week for the tip. Short description from YouTube: “While he is escorted to a mysteriously contaminated place, a scientist experiences strange visions. Using a real-time game engine, motion capture function, and off-the-shelf visual assets, acclaimed VFX artist Sava Zivkovic demonstrates the immense potential of virtual production to reach indie filmmakers everywhere Serbian CG animation filmmaker Sava Zivkovic – You can see more of his work on Vimeo or check out his Behance profile or follow him on Instagram @ Sava.Zivkovic. In 2017, Zivkovic began directing at Axis Studios and continues to work with the Glasgow-based studio. Assets Provided by Big Medium Small; plus motion capture and animation from Take One. With music by Iz Svemira. Created with the Unreal Engine. For more information, visit SOTW or Vimeo. To see more shorts, click here. Thoughts?

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