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Water supply is cut off for some residents in the neighborhood Mati 1 – Latest News

Water supply is cut off for a part of the residents in Mati 1 neighborhood

The Regional Water Company “Prishtina” has announced that in some streets in the neighborhood Mati 1 there will be water interruptions.

According to RWC “Prishtina”, there will be interruptions of drinking water from time to time for residents of the street “Jakov Xoxa”, “Ndue Përlleshi”.

We inform the customers of the street “Jakov Xoxa”, “Uran Ajeti” / “Ndue Përlleshi” that, due to a visible water leak in the street “Uran Ajeti” in the neighborhood Mati 1, this leak in private property (property which has was a public road then expropriated on private property by the Municipality of Prishtina), we were obliged to take adequate measures for water interruption, because this leakage in addition to causing large water losses is potentially potential risk to residents living in that object “, it is said in the announcement.

RWC “Prishtina” has sought the understanding of citizens, emphasizing that from yesterday and today have the autobot in operation to enable water supply to residents.

“It is worth noting that the case in question is a complex nature of the defect and requires time for the final remediation of the situation,” the statement said. / Voice

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