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What goes wrong with you if you fall asleep at night? – Latest news

What goes wrong with you if you fall asleep at night?

There are many people who happen to wake up at night, after a bad dream, for personal needs or simply because they do not feel well.

It mostly occurs from physical needs to go to the toilet or drink water.

But if you constantly wake up at night at the same time it is because something is wrong with your body.

Ancient Chinese medicine has built a mechanism called body clock, based on each you can identify potential health problems starting from the clock when you wake up.

Below we show you the schedules and problems you may have if you wake up at this time:

21.00-23.00: During this time the blood vessels and arteries are very active, which means that you may show health problems related to the immune system, thyroid and metabolic fatigue. Stress, anxiety, day fatigue and confusion significantly affect during this phase and leave you sleepless.

23.00-01.00: If you wake up during this time band you should be careful with the gallbladder. This part of the body digests all the fats you consume during the day. Continuous waking up to this warns you to change your diet as soon as possible. Get rid of processed foods and eat whole grains, vegetables and whole grains.

01.00-03.00 in the morning: The liver is one of the most important human organs, directly related to the elimination of toxins and other harmful elements that endanger your health. Waking up to this signals an overload of liver work, therefore be careful with diet and reduce the number of cigarettes and alcohol consumption.

03.00-05.00 in the morning: This is the time when the lungs collect oxygen and distribute it to all other systems preparing the body for the new day. They also eliminate toxins left in the blood. If waking up at this hour is accompanied by coughing and difficulty breathing, you obviously need to get fresh air.

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