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WHO: No evidence of problems from AstraZeneca – Latest News

WHO: There is no evidence of problems from AstraZeneca

March 15, 2021 – 16:32

The World Health Organization said there was no evidence that the AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine causes blood clots.

The WHO said Monday it was reviewing reports that the vaccine had caused such problems in some people who received it.

Some European countries have suspended its use, as dozens of vaccinated people have reported problems with blood clots.

About 17 million people in the European Union and the UK have received the vaccine, while less than 40 cases of blood clots have been reported since last week, AstraZeneca said.

WHO spokesman Christian Lindmeier said the organization would analyze the incidents and that the findings would be communicated to the public immediately.

“Today, there is no evidence that the incidents were caused by the vaccine, and it is important that vaccination campaigns continue so that we can save lives from the virus,” Lindmeier said.

The European Medicines Agency, which is also reviewing blood clotting incidents, has said the vaccine could continue to be administered.

According to the agency, “the benefits of the vaccine continue to outweigh its risks.”

AstraZeneca has said that the safety of the drug has been extensively studied during clinical trials.

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