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‘Who should I take and who should I leave?’, Mevlani’s song about Ledjana and Antonella is breaking the network

Some time ago, opinionist Arjan Konomi said that Mevlani is “KÇK” – catch what to catch.

This comment came as the competitor has often been described as wavering.

Finally, Mevlani is in a love triangle with Ledjana and Antonella.

He dedicated songs to the situation in question and titled it “KÇK”.

The song comes in collaboration with Sabian and the clip includes the opinionist Arjan Konomi.

“KÇK” deals with the “dilemma” of Mevlani: “Who should I take and who should I leave?”.

“Who should I take and who should I leave? I do not sleep at night, I do not know where I went wrong, I fell in love with a brunette blonde.

Both look alike to me, they cross my mind, I don’t know who I love anymore, they are brunette blondes for me!

One laughs and the other cries, they are all telling me you are a devil!

You are curly for me, I love straight hair “, is a part of the text / express

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