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Without water some neighborhoods in Prishtina, that is the reason

The Regional Water Company “Prishtina” has announced that a pipe has been damaged and that the neighborhood “Nic”, the neighborhood “Veternik” will be left without water, the parts towards the neighborhood “Qëndresa”, Çagllavica and the village Miradi.

The notice states that the case occurred around 20:00.

“Individual works, private excavations are often creating problems in the water supply network system. A few moments ago, around 20:00, a water pipe with a diameter of 250 mm in the “Nic” neighborhood was damaged by some private excavations. In this case, we will cut off the water supply from that pipe, until the repair of the defect, which defect takes time until the next day due to the complexity of the case “, it is said in the announcement.

Without drinking water supply remain: “Nic” neighborhood, “Veternik” neighborhood, parts towards “Qëndresa” neighborhood, Çagllavica and Miradi village.

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