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Work does not stop at Llap stadium – Latest News

The work does not stop at the Llap stadium

July 05, 2021 – 20:32


Intensive work is continuing in the preparation of the new field in the stadium “Zahir Pajaziti” of Llap.

Llapjani had the field with artificial grass, but from the new season it will be natural.

Through a post on the official website of Llap, it was announced that with the completion of the irrigation and drainage system today began the laying of gravel – the first layer.

notification i full from KF Lab:

After the completion of the irrigation and drainage system, today I started laying the gravel – the first layer, the dynamics of extraordinary works, thanks to the employees of the company NNSH “Batatina” and its managerial staff, the works are going at a very fast pace. /Zeri.info

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