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It is revealed that Capital T and the lovely moderator have been seen together for a long time

A bomb news comes exclusively from the Keyword, a time when I “sleep the mind” that Capita-T was in a relationship with Adrola Dushi.

But today reliable sources show that Capital-T and Nevina Shtylla have been together for 2 months and have been together at the Unum festival that was organized in Shengjin.

Both were present on the boat at the stage where the dj stayed.

Performed in front of thousands of attendees where, among others, in the backstage there were VIPs such as: Ledri Vula, Dhurata Dora, Olti Curri, Anita Hajradinaj, Cozman, Valdrin Sahiti, Liberta Spahiu, etc.

Where were Nevina and Capital? Together all the time!

Do not say then that we did not tell you ..

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