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World famous Italian ballerina Carla Fracci dies – Latest News

World-famous Italian ballerina Carla Fracci dies

Carla Fracci, one of the most famous ballerinas of the 20th Century, who climbed to the top of the world stage has passed away at the age of 84.

Fracci danced alongside the biggest stars of the ballet world, such as Rudolf Nureyev Erik Bruhn and Vladimir Vasiliev, while she was well known for her interpretation of the style of romantic ballet, especially the play “Gizel”.

She later took over a number of ballet companies, including in Naples, Verona and Rome as she aimed to bring the spirit of ballet to the Italian provinces.

“Carla Fracci has honored our country with her elegance and artistic commitment,” said Italian President Sergio Mattarella, praising her for “the extraordinary artistic and human qualities that made her one of the greatest classical ballerinas of our time.”

Carla Fracci was born in Milan in 1936. Her father was a tram driver while her mother worked in a factory.

She entered the prestigious Milan ballet school “Teatro La Scala” when she was only 10 years old, and later confesses that in the beginning classical ballet seemed “too boring”, but this changed when she saw British star Margot Fonteyn.

“It was there that the spark was born, a spark that then became fire and never went out of me,” Fracci said in a 2008 interview with Corriere della Sera.

Fracci graduated in 1954 and continued for two years as a solo ballerina, rising to the rank of prima ballerina in 1958.

She continued to perform for more than 50 years and wrote an autobiography entitled “Step by Step”. In the book she describes some of the events that left the most impression on her during her long career, including collaborations with Nureyev.

“Dancing with Rudin was, in itself, a challenge: an excellent dancer and choreographer, but also a very difficult, competitive, eccentric, unpredictable man, with a fluctuating mood and often so terrible that he mistreated them with who shared the stage, “she wrote.

Carla Fracci married director Beppe Menegatti in 1964 and the couple had a son, Francesco./euronews

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