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Zaev: We are in NATO, I am not afraid of “Greater Albania” – Latest News

Zaev: We are in NATO, I am not afraid of

The Prime Minister of Northern Macedonia Zoan Zaev in an interview with Serbian media commented on the “Non Paper” that are being discussed recently.

In his interview with Kurir, Zaev said that the European Union has stalled with the entire Western Balkans, and after the stagnation not only of Northern Macedonia, but also of Serbia, Montenegro, Albania and Bosnia, some non-paper and ideas of other radicals.

Among other things, he emphasizes that these ideas can only end with wars.

Meanwhile, when asked if he is afraid of war, Prime Minister Zaev hopes that there will never be wars.

“We must expand our path of integration because it gives us a future,” says Zaev.

Regarding the idea of ​​”Greater Albania”, which includes the territory of Macedonia, Zaev says that Northern Macedonia is in NATO.

I can never say “no” for sure, but it would be difficult in Northern Macedonia because we are a member of NATO and with any threat to our territory and integrity, Article 5 of the Agreement with NATO, which would protect us. However, I can not say “no” definitively because you do not know how to motivate. That is why the solution is for each country to join the EU. “When we reach the conditions, then there will be no limit”, said Zaev./abcnews.al

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