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51 infected in the Home for the Elderly in Prishtina

51 infected in the Home for the Elderly in Prishtina have been identified so far.

This is what the director Raze Alickaj said, adding that all residents living in this institution are on the list to receive the vaccine against COVID-19.

Alickaj said that none of the cases affected by the coronavirus has ended in fatality, and the condition of the elderly is stable.

“So far a total of 51 residents have been infected, and a very large number of staff but thankfully all have had a good time, we have not had deaths from Covid-19 either by residents or staff thankfully, “Currently it is in a very good condition, we are not infected either by the residents or the staff”, said director Alickaj.

Further, she says that they have not had problems with the supply of medicines, adding that all the requests of this institution have been realized.

“As part of preventive measures, at the beginning we formed the Emergency Headquarters which has done its job, which has been assigned within the institution, the supply of medicines has been good, we have not had problems, because the supplier is contracted from the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare, with supporting and protective material we have been supplied by the Ministry of Health, and they have realized all our requests “, she said for EO.

Out of a total of 65 residents, 38 women and 27 men have already entered the list to be vaccinated, said Alickaj, who said that the residents here are eagerly waiting to be vaccinated.

“It was March 13, when we sent the list of elderly residents waiting to be vaccinated, now after the arrival of vaccines where there are currently 65 residents, of whom 38 are women and 27 men and the number of workers is 52,” he said. further she.

She further stressed that the pandemic has worried quite a lot the residents in this House.

“The Home for the Elderly without family care, we all know that it is one of the most sensitive institutions in the country given that its residents are at an advanced age and are accompanied by various chronic diseases, cardiovascular and In the beginning, the pandemic worried us a lot, but we tried to manage it with a proper management together with the staff, we gave many recommendations, so that they understand the serious situation that is still current. In the beginning, we had a lot of difficulties, because some did not accept it and some took it as not very dangerous, but we worked for their awareness “, said the director.

Alickaj pointed out that during the pandemic they also asked for volunteer staff and interns to have easier work and management with the elderly, especially when facing COVID-19.

“We have asked volunteers and interns to work over a period of time to help us in pandemic times and we can say that we have enough staff. “But we have always tried to calm the situation with the pandemic and keep calm, and I believe we have done a very good job,” she concluded.

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