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A few hours after she became a mother, Arbenita’s father passed away

Fero and Arbenita officially became parents yesterday, Arbenita gave birth to a girl, whom the couple christened Nina, did not publish a photo on the social network “Instagram” immediately after the birth, where she is seen holding in the little girl’s arms.

This marked day was accompanied by a family environment for Arbenita as on this day she lost her father as a result of COVID-19.

This news was announced by Arbenita’s sister, through a post on the social network “Facebook”.

“I have reported with ease. Constantly for new cases with Covid and vi.ktimat, one of vi.ktimat today became my father, the motive of my life, without which I know if I will find strength for life Allahu in Paradise o babaluq i jem em

“I prayed to God a lot, even for about three months, because he never left your job and I could not be satisfied”, wrote Arbenita’s sister.

The model’s father has been battling the virus for days in treatment centers in northern Macedonia.

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