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ACCIDENT ON ZRENJANIN WATER SUPPLY! Severely broken through the set up of the heating pipe, TEMPORARY SOLUTION FOUND

Immediately after going to the scene, the teams of the City Waterworks determined that due to the degree of damage, the water supply network could not be repaired, and that it was necessary to replace the water supply pipe in the length of 250 meters, and to provide water supply. pipes, it was decided to bridge the damaged part of the network by building a temporary network on the surface of the earth.


Currently, the workers of the city waterworks are removing street furniture and other installations, and it is estimated that the clearing of the terrain will be completed by 6 pm, followed by the works of JKP “Vodovod i kanalizacija” on the construction of a temporary water supply network. the streets could get water around midnight.


The citizens of this part of Zrenjanin will be informed in a timely manner about the works on the replacement of 250 meters of severely damaged water supply network and the time needed for their execution.

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