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PDK demands immediate approval of US project for gas infrastructure and gas power plant

The Democratic Party of Kosovo has demanded the immediate approval of the American project for gas infrastructure and gas power plant.

A press release states that PDK is following with great concern the conjectures of the Government of Kosovo about the approval of the investment plans ‘Compact’ of the American agency MCC in the preparatory infrastructure for the gas transmission network, as well as the plans for the gas power plant. natural.

“At a time when the Kosovar economy has experienced shocks and is facing the consequences of the pandemic, and is suffering from the lack of a proper and sustainable plan for economic recovery, investing $ 200 million as a non-refundable grant in the Kosovar economy, especially in the energy sector, not only is it necessary, but it also represents a major state interest “, it is said in the communiqué.

PDK calls on the Government of Kosovo to approve and sign without delay the MCC project for the construction of infrastructure for the gas pipeline and gas power plant, in accordance with US conditions already approved by the previous Government.

“We request that the EBRD loan and the Western Balkans Investment Framework grant for the gas pipeline be urgently processed in the Assembly, in order to complete the investment framework in Kosovo.

The connection of the Republic of Kosovo to the gas infrastructure that enjoys the full support of the United States is a strategic, economic and geopolitical interest.

The delays of six months in the priority treatment of this state interest have already created a great risk for the progress of this project.

“Its eventual failure not only affects our relations, but at the same time will leave Kosovo forever out of the possibility of diversifying energy resources, a situation that benefits only Serbia and strengthens Russia’s position in the region,” the statement said.

PDK estimates that such a project would alleviate the cost of energy for Kosovar households and would significantly reduce the level of air pollution and improve the environmental situation and the eventual failure of the Government of Kosovo would be a great loss for citizens of Kosovo, and would be a direct violation of our state and national interests, reports Telegrafi.

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