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African heat returns to Kosovo – Latest News

African heat returns to Kosovo

Kosovo Hydrometeorological Institute has announced that the last week of July will be characterized by hot weather and hot.

According to KHMI, this meteorological situation comes as a result of the presence of hot air masses originating from North Africa, reports Zeri.info.

“There will be an increase in temperatures in both extreme values. Minimums will range between 14-16 degrees Celsius, while daytime highs are forecast to range between 34-36 degrees Celsius. It is possible that in some areas there will be rain showers of local character, but not in large quantities. The UV index will mark high values ​​and care from direct contact with sunlight should be as limited as possible (10-17). The wind will blow from different directions light to moderately strong. Neighboring countries, such as the Valley, Northern Macedonia, Albania and Montenegro, are forecast with higher temperatures than in our territory. “Maximums are forecast to range between 38-41 degrees Celsius.” It is stated in the notification of KHMI. / Voice


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