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After the rain, this is what the citizens do in Prishtina

Rainfall on Sunday has caused trouble in the municipality of Pristina, including roadblocks and damage to premises from water penetration.

The squares are also filled with water from the floods, including the amphitheater of “Zahir Pajaziti” square in Prishtina.

This has made the citizens, as a sign of irony towards the mayor of Prishtina, Shpend Ahmeti, demonstrate the capture of fish there.

Meanwhile, Ahmeti in a Facebook post, mentioned the cultural program within “Ice in Summer”, which was not held due to rain.

He has said the program will be relocated for the following nights.

“We regret to inform you that even tonight due to rain, Ylli Megi’s performance is canceled and moved to another date. The cultural program within the Ice in Summer will continue. Therefore, follow us to understand the program for the following nights. See you soon “, Ahmeti wrote on Facebook.

The Deputy Mayor of Prishtina, Selim Pacolli stated that after the recent rains, there were floods in four neighborhoods in the capital, as well as in the village of Zllatar.

Selimi said that in the village of Zlatar, there are family households that are extremely damaged.

“Two families have left their homes and we hope that after the interventions that the municipal teams are making, those families will return home,” he said.

According to him, there was damage from the floods in the square, specifically in the lodges which are placed waiting for compatriots.

He added that almost all the lodges are destroyed.

“We guarantee that from tomorrow they will be ready for our citizens”, he said, adding that the municipal teams and in support of the KSF, are on the ground to help the citizens and repair the damage.

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