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Ahmeti: Alarming situation with COVID-19, ineffective government measures

The mayor of Prishtina, Shpend Ahmeti called the situation with COVID-19 in the country alarming.

He said that the number of infected and victims is worrying and that with overcrowded hospitals, overworked health workers and citizens exhausted by the masses, covid will find many more victims.

Ahmeti called the current antiCOVID-19 measures of the country’s government ineffective.

“Government measures are almost ineffective. In this situation, citizens should take a little more care of themselves and their families. Especially the elderly and those with chronic diseases. “Do not go and do not allow family members to participate in large crowds and wear masks indoors,” he said.

The mayor of Pristina further called on citizens to be vaccinated.

“Get vaccinated but you should know that despite the vaccination that protects you, vaccinated people can also spread the virus, especially the Delta variant.”

“In Pristina, our research has shown that by March 48 percent have passed covid. The number of people vaccinated still does not protect Prishtina with the immunity of the crowd, so be careful. “The Family Medicine Center continues to be the center of Covid for Prishtina, offering outpatient assistance services as well as rapid antigen tests”, it is further stated in his article.

He said that in these circumstances the full opening of schools is meaningless and it does not make sense for the campaign for local elections to be 30 days.

“It does not make sense for the local election campaign to be 30 days in these circumstances. Knowing the responsibility of the parties towards the elections we should not risk. The least that can be done is to shorten the campaign to ten days by making choices for media revenues which are in dire financial straits. The alarm level should be raised by everyone starting from the government. 1 dead is one more than it should be. “18 a day is too much,” he wrote.

Further, Ahmeti said that decisions may be unpopular, but this is not even worth considering when talking about people’s lives.

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