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Albanian minor in Greece denounces father for raping her for five years – Latest News

An Albanian minor in Greece denounces her father for raping her for five years

The case of the rape of a minor by her father has caused shock in Greece. The serious incident took place in Asoss and the Albanian family was composed of four people, both parents and children.

Greek media write that the 17-year-old minor, accompanied by her mother went to the police station in Vrachati and denounced that her father had sexually abused her since she was 12 years old.

The juvenile told the police what had happened in recent years and they immediately went to the family home where they detained the 45-year-old, the juvenile’s father.

Meanwhile, the minor will be transferred for a medical visit to a hospital in Athens for examination, while the youngest son of the family has been taken by social services.

It is reported that recently the 45-year-old has been unemployed, while in the family he was the only working mother. The 45-year-old has already been arrested and is being held at Vrachati Police Station. / eo

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