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Albanian police in search of 28-year-old Turkish man with 2 billion dollars – Latest News

Albanian police looking for the 28-year-old Turkish man with 2 billion dollars

In Albania, the police are looking for the Turkish citizen Faruk Ozer, founder of an online platform for the exchange of cryptocurrencies, Thodex, who turns out to have closed the activity after collecting a sum of 2 billion dollars from 391 thousand investors.

The Albanian authorities set in motion at the request of the Turkish side, which on April 23 issued an international arrest warrant against the 28-year-old. The Turkish Interior Minister spoke in person on the phone with his Albanian counterpart Bledi Çuci, a few days ago.

According to Turkish media, the 28-year-old considered the accusations “baseless”, and explained that he was in Albania for business meetings. Ozer, was initially captured by security cameras at Istanbul airport as he was leaving the country. VOA sources explained that he turned out to have entered Albanian territory from the “Mother Teresa” airport on April 20, and that he does not appear in the registers of persons who have left the border.

It is learned that Ozer had meetings in Tirana, and that is exactly why the police have exercised controls today in the capital and in some other cities of central Albania, but without result.

A day after the young man left Turkey, on the Thodex platform, investors read an unusual announcement about the temporary suspension of the activity “due to a significant investment”. An announcement that alerted the investors of this platform who were no longer allowed access to their portfolios. As its founder was ousted, Turkish authorities arrested 62 people linked to Thodex, and several others were declared wanted.

The 28-year-old was able to attract the interest of tens of thousands of people, thanks to a massive advertising campaign for the purchase of cryptocurrencies Dogecoin at about a quarter of the price, promising, among other things, various bonuses and luxury cars. Many investors seem to have been seduced by the opportunity to invest in the local currency, the “lira”, which has depreciated to a historic low against the euro and the dollar./voa

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