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Medical doctors from Nis found the situation of a POSITIVE MOTHER AT THE CROWN and her child born within the 35th week

Jankovic told RTS that the baby, regardless of the extraordinary circumstances, was born vital, with stable life functions, and pointed out that no worsening was expected.

He stated that the mother, who gave birth naturally on Monday, has bilateral pneumonia, severe gas exchange disorder and relatively low saturation.

– We are currently maintaining these values ​​with non-invasive ventilation. She hasn’t been intubated yet, she’s not on mechanical ventilation. Hopefully, there will be no need to intensify respiratory support – said Jankovic.

The pregnant woman was originally supposed to give birth by caesarean section, but due to urgency, the delivery was performed by anesthesiologists from the University Clinical Center Nis, and Janković says that they coped quite well and that the obstetricians arrived very quickly.

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