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An 11-centimeter carcinoma was efficiently faraway from a pregnant lady at KCS

Wednesday, August 31, 2022, will remain a historical date for the University Clinical Center of Serbia, and the Clinics for Urology and Gynecology. Our interlocutor, a 31-year-old mother of a two-year-old girl, who is also in the 27th week of her new pregnancy, will never forget that date.

“I feel good, that’s the most important thing, and the baby is great, it’s a gift to me.” There was enough fear, everyone pushed me to be brave and strong, and somehow I endured,” said the pregnant woman and added that a name for the baby – Teodora – had been thought of.

The laparoscopic intervention lasted about two hours. Our interlocutor had her kidney removed due to an 11-centimeter cancer.

In the operating room of the clinic in Višegradska urologist, gynecologist, anesthesiologist, instrument technician. Everyone is in fear because this procedure is being performed on a pregnant woman for the first time, and everyone is on the same task – to make sure that both the baby and the mother are well.

“All in all, it’s easy to be a hero at the end of a battle, but the battle was anything but easy, in some late afternoon hours, when I went to visit the patient, additionally, when after the ultrasound examination I saw that the heart action was also present in fruit, you know what – it reminds you of why we do this work,” says Dr. Boris Kajmaković, head of the laparoscopic surgery team at the UKCS Urological Clinic.

“Knowledge, experience, desire to help is the basic thing, cooperation with gynecologists in Belgrade has always existed, this time, for the first time in the history of the Urological Clinic, a team of laparoscopic surgeons from our clinic has made a significant undertaking”, pointed out Prof. Dr. Zoran Džamić, director of the UKCS Urology Clinic.

Kidney cancer ranks eighth to tenth in the statistics of malignant diseases. However, the most serious diseases are unfortunately no longer rare even in younger people, and they often occur in those who are still in the reproductive period.

“It is a great pleasure and joy, although you have to see the pregnancy through to the end, I have to say that this success is actually the existence of the council for cancer and human reproduction, which the director of the institution, Aleksandar Stefanović, founded a few years ago, and precisely one of the basic principles of its functioning of that council, and that is the basic principle of the functioning of modern medicine, which is multidisciplinarity,” explains Dr. Saša Kadija, deputy director of the Clinic for Gynecology and Obstetrics, UKCS.

The results of the unique Center for Oncofertility, in which both citizens of Serbia and patients from the region receive help, will be presented at the upcoming congress of gynecologists from Serbia, Montenegro and Republika Srpska.

One of the main topics of the congress is the fight for the birth rate during the epidemic of malignant diseases.

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