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Arrested in Abu Dhabi for armed robbery, arrested in Morina – Latest News

Declared wanted in Abu Dhabi for armed robbery, arrested in Morina

A citizen from Kosovo is in handcuffs at the Morina border crossing point, as it turned out that he was internationally wanted after being accused of armed robbery in the United Arab Emirates.

The police has announced that the citizen A. R, 51 years old, resident in Prishtina, has been handcuffed.

According to the police, during the processing and verification of data in the system, this citizen has turned out to be an internationally wanted person, after Interpol Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, issued an arrest warrant for him for the criminal offense “Armed robbery”.

At the end of the investigative actions, the specialists of the Sector for Investigation of Crime in DVP Kukës made the provisional arrest of this citizen, in order to extradite him to the United Arab Emirates./a2cnn

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