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Arrested in Ferizaj pushed minors to steal gold jewelry worth about 3000 euros – Latest News

The person arrested in Ferizaj pushed the juveniles to steal gold jewelry worth about 3000 euros

A person was arrested in Ferizaj, after yesterday he pushed two minors to commit theft in their house.

According to the Police, the stolen items were sold in various locations.

Kosovo Police has provided details, saying that minors, aged 11 and 12, have stolen gold jewelry in their homes worth about 3000 euros.

“In this regard, the Investigation Unit of this station was immediately engaged and they identified the suspect and his location. “He was escorted to the police station and during the interview in the presence of the defense lawyer he admitted that he pushed the two children to commit theft of gold jewelry in their homes, then selling them in some jewelry stores in some municipalities”, it is said in the notice.

The notice states that the suspect was taken into custody for 48 hours. / Voice

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