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Arta Nitaj tells why he left politics

The well-known Albanian beauty, Arta Nitaj, was recently invited to the show “Rudina” on TV Klan.

She has shown many details from her daily and professional life, where among other things she has emphasized her desire to deal with moderation.

And when it comes to moderation, she left the sports show on RTV Dukagjini, when she entered the path of politics, joining the PDK.

“I joined the youth of the Democratic Party of Kosovo, so I interrupted my broadcast on the sports show because it was not logical to be in sports and be in a political party – which I did not know, it was a rule of media ”, Arta Nitaj told.

Further, she shows that now she is not engaged, but that she feels good that she gave her support to her friend, Ariana Musliu – Shoshi, who from both legislatures is a member of the Assembly of Kosovo, from the ranks of PDK, while claiming that he is no longer engaged in the party.

“No, I did not engage anymore, I did not grow up in a political spirit, but I joined the youth of the Democratic Party of Kosovo, having the will to support a friend of mine, who today continues to be an MP and I congratulate her.

I felt very good that I entered with that will and my friend won a place to which she belongs.

“I never intended for any position or to join as an election candidate, I entered with the youth, why not see a little in the field of politics, but it was more difficult than showbiz”, declared Nitaj./Kosovarja/

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