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Basha: I am ready to meet Berisha – Latest news

Basha: I am ready to meet Berisha

Today (Saturday, September 11) Lulzim Basha talked for about two hours behind closed doors with the Democratic leaders in the districts at the headquarters in Tirana.

It is learned that Basha explained to the leaders of the branches the reasons for the expulsion of the former chairman of the Democratic Party, from the parliamentary group, and instructions were conveyed on what awaits the Democratic Party now.

Sources suggest that in the meeting that Basha had with the chairmen of the PD branches, he said that he was ready to meet Berisha and expressed his regret.

Earlier, when he announced Berisha’s expulsion from the parliamentary group on September 9th, Basha said it was one of the most difficult decisions he had to make.

Monday is another day of battle between the Democrats in the third year of the opposition, while Luzlim Basha will formalize the list with the names of the deputies of the parliamentary group without the name of Sali Berisha, although the latter refuses to leave. / oranews

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