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Better alone than with a man who destroys life!

Kosovar singer Ana Kabashi has given a message to all women, sharing some seductive poses, she said that no one has the right to make them nervous, writes Indeksonline.

‘Your ab.uziv partner has no problem why he is nervous but why you are getting nervous!

Why: because one of your rights to get nervous he takes it does not matter how badly he treats you, he believes that you have no right to get nervous nor gj.ak me qit when he to me .lltreton.

When you get nervous because it is normal after all that torture, he has tried to get rid of the area with his own patience, then he uses your nervousness against you and accuses you of how impatient you are.

During the time you keep all that nervousness inside you to create depression, anxiety, not eating or drinking, not sleeping and not wanting to be called all that the abuser uses as an excuse to add I feel like you are crazy!

You are worth it, you are important, you are the best in the world, you are the lady, better alone than with a man who destroys your life! YOU CAN DO IT freespeach, freeyoursoul ‘, she wrote next to the image, receiving many compliments./Indeksonline/

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