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“Brother Edi! Take care of Albania and Kosovo “

From his cell in The Hague, former Kosovo President Hashim Thaçi congratulated Edi Rama on his victory in the April parliamentary elections.

Since so far the SP is convincingly leading with votes, writes Insajderi.

In the letter published by Rama on his Facebook account, Thaçi expresses his enthusiasm for Rama’s victory, while he says that with his victory, Albanianness has won.

Among other things, Thaçi asks Rama to take care of Kosovo as well.

“Today, Albania won! Today, Albanians are fine.

Take care of Albania, brother, and do not forget to take care of Kosovo as well.

“When you take care of Kosovo, you also take care of the Albanians,” Thaçi told Rama at the end of his letter.

Full letter:

Brother Edi,

The narrow rooms and walls of The Hague cell do not contain the explosion of my enthusiasm for your victory – an enthusiasm that otherwise hardly finds its place in the gloom of the loneliness of prison days.

But, as never before, today I am happy and calm about your victory, my brother.

I miss Albania, love, nostalgia.

Today, the sun of Albania that I miss so much warmed the heart of the Albanian inside me.

Today I sank smiling into the waves of glorious memories of the days of war.

I remembered those who fought with me, those who fell to bring freedom between us, and all that we idealized so much for Albania, that we swore to give our lives for the liberation and unification of Albanian lands.

This was my oath and that of my comrades as soldiers of the KLA, an oath and a war that today keeps me standing high and with a clear conscience in the face of the unknown.

With a clear conscience and a dignified struggle to unite with Albania, I was reminded that only when Kosovo was liberated did we realize that unification was far away and impossible.

The Albania of valuable poems, books and wills was an ideal wish, but not a reflection of the reality of the time.

I fought for this ideal with Kosovo within Albania, but when the opportunities were limited, I fought for Kosovo, the state – the pride of my life.

I tried hard for Kosovo, but I also made a mistake – once with the enthusiasm of the idealist, and later with the arrogance of the ruler.

But, my brother Edi, I have never been wrong about the relationship we have created together.

You are the brother of the difficult days, and the companion of the good days.

You are the Prime Minister of Albania that I idealized, and the Albanian brother for whom I fought enthusiastically.

Today, the Albania that you worked so hard for and will continue to build, is the Albania I once vowed to fight for.

It is the Albania of Naim’s poems – the Albania with the beautiful mountains and the tall oaks that today, on the ceiling of the prison cell, are drawn and remind me day and night.

So, my brother Edi, you who are making Albania, which I idealized as a young man and I swore as a soldier, I am telling you with conviction that the Albanians enjoy your victory.

With them, I am so happy too.

Therefore, with the books that accompany me in the solitude of these days where time refuses to rush, I embrace and wish brotherly from afar because of the inability to celebrate together.

It’s ugly that I can not be there, but beyond the revolutionary fervor of my memories as a soldier and the pragmatism of the politician who occasionally hits me in the form of memories, today I do not wish you as a friend with whom you shared pieces of the journey political, but like my brother by blood.

With the hope that we will be able to meet again, breathing under the beautiful sky and the sun that warms Albania and Kosovo, I wish you to continue to give everything from your soul for Albania.

This is because even on days when sunlight does not penetrate the closed walls of the cell, the sun warms my heart only when Albania and Kosovo are fine.

Today, Albania won!

Today, Albanians are fine.

Take care of Albania, brother, and do not forget to take care of Kosovo as well.

When you take care of Kosovo, you also take care of the Albanians.

With love,

Your brother,


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