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CDHRF: Do not obstruct any voter with the right to vote! – Latest news

CDHRF: Do not obstruct any voter with the right to vote!

The CDHRF has announced that it has addressed dozens of emigrants concerned that they have not been called and that they suspect that their votes may be rigged.

The CDHRF has requested that facilitating circumstances be created for voters, especially those from the diaspora.

From this organization they have emphasized that they trust the CEC that they will do their job with full responsibility, high professional and moral integrity, as provided by the Law on Elections.

Full press release:

Numerous voters, mostly from the diaspora, have approached the CDHRF, concerned that they have not been called by phone for verification, and thus suspect that their votes may be manipulated as if they were being denied a legal and fair right. of man, to vote and to be voted. After that, the CEC has given a clarification that no one with the right to vote will be denied this right while the reactions have continued, especially after the influx from the diaspora who came to vote and did not vote with mail.

The CDHRF thinks and demands that any obstacles for voters from the diaspora be eliminated so that they can even vote. The CDHRF seeks to create appropriate circumstances and other facilities that will provide conditions for fast and unhindered voting for voters, in in general and those from the diaspora, in particular. It is in these circumstances that the principle of positive discrimination for the diaspora and all those who have difficulty accessing ballot boxes should be applied. Of course, in accordance with the Election Law.

The CDHRF trusts the CEC, without any distinction, that they will do their job with full responsibility, high professional and moral integrity, as provided by the Law on Elections. When we say this, we have in mind the long experience that the CEC has in the organization and conduct of elections.

The CDHRF sees with great concern the way of communication between the CEC members, insults, accusations to the use of vocabulary that should not have been addressed to the public but that they should be addressed to the investigative bodies. And that the investigation should deal with those allegations that are so explicit, direct and very serious!

If you accuse the chairwoman of the CEC of being part of organized crime, of usurping the CEC and of being the initiator of the industrial theft of votes for 11 years, what can be expected after that! In this case, the truth must be clarified and this can and should be done by the authorized bodies.

It is understandable that political entities protect the interests of the parties that have delegated them to the CEC, as members with equal rights to vote and decision-making, but it must be clear that above any party, political or individual interest is the observance of the law.

The CDHRF invites all local and international monitors to record and denounce any case where someone is denied the right to vote, especially diaspora voters as they have expressed concern about the uncertainty of their vote.

CDHRF wishes peaceful, orderly elections where all parties must exercise, without being hindered by anyone and with nothing the realization of the right to vote, otherwise they must face the legal consequences.

CDHRF opposes the anti-Covid test, mainly for voters from the diaspora, to be an obstacle to voting and, in this context, requires state institutions to create the possibility at all border crossings, at the expense of the state, to do this immediately. test and, if someone turns out to be positive can vote according to the procedure provided for those affected with Covid -19.

CDHRF demands not to interfere in any way in the work of the CEC and not to endanger the independence and integrity of this institution that has a constitutional mandate for the organization and conduct of elections and which so far, according to the CDHRF has done a good job .

CDHRF requires voters to vote according to their conviction, will and conscience and denounces cases that have started when entities send sms with a suggestion and request to vote for a particular entity and candidate. According to the CDHRF, this constitutes a violation of privacy because no one can dispose of the telephone number without the consent of the holder of this number. / Voice

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